Black Redstart And Caspian Gull

Exmouth Leisure Centre, Exmouth, Devon
I had a quick look this morning to see if anything tasty was sheltering from the storm. There were a group of Ruddy Turnstone on the shoreline, 6 close in Great Crested Grebe and high numbers of Brant Goose and Eurasian Wigeon. I was unable to photograph everything as the heavens opened and I got totally drenched in just a few seconds. To the point that I needed to pop home and change before setting off to work. I even had to put a bin bag on my car seat to stop my fresh clothes from getting wet. The joys of birding!

Ruddy Turnstone 
Ruddy Turnstone 
Shelley Beach, Exmouth, Devon
After work I popped along to see if any of the Black Redstarts were about. On arrival a female was showing rather well. I was setting up to take a photo when I got a text from Matt Knott about a Caspian Gull On Mudbank. So I quickly headed back to the car.

Mudbank Lane, Exmouth, Devon
On arrival Matt has already moved on so I scanned the area. No sign of the Caspian Gull and in fact there were very few large Gulls about. Despite this, I decided to hang about and scan the masses of Wildfowl. In amongst the Brant Goose and Eurasian Wigeon good numbers of Northern Pintail were noted. A few Dunlin, Ruddy Turnstone and Common Redshank were around the shore. After about 20 minutes, a few large Gulls dropped on the water. I scanned them all and in typical fashion, the last one was the Caspian Gull. None of them hung around long enough for a photo and they headed off to what was left of the sandbar near Starcross. Light was awful by this point so I couldn’t pick it out. Another nice find by Matt and I came away pleased with my ever so brief views.

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