Other Winged Critters And Flowers

Bystock Pools, Devon
I had a wander manly around the meadow area of the reserve to see what Butterflies were around. There were plenty of Meadow Brown, a few Small Heath and Common Blue. I also came across many other winged critters. A few moths around (Matt I’m open to ID suggestions) some Red-tailed Bumblebees, a Small Blue Damselfly and a few insects that I haven't yet managed to ID. UPDATE. One of the insects is a female Scorpion Fly (1 of 3 possible species) and the other is a species of Hover Fly (Sericomyia silentis). Many thanks to Martin Elcoate for his superior knowledge!

Cinnabar Moth

Strawdot Moth

Meadow Brown

Common Blue  

Small Heath   

Sericomyia Silentis Hover Fly  

Female Scorpion Fly (1 of 3 possible species)  

Red-tailed Bumblebee  

Marsh Orchid  


White Clover  


Bell Heather

My wife came home with a photo of a large moth that was on her parents drive. To me it's a Pale Tussock but again open to ID suggestions.

Pale Tussock


  1. Hi Spencer - all moth ids correct.

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